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NEW STORENVY, 19/04/2017


Hello all! Hope you've been riding the right frequencies these fine spring days! Like a festive chemical string version of a jolly Santa Claus, I've just completed packing and stocking art merchandise, prints, and more for you!


Check it out by clicking here! As of 19/04, the store includes limited edition acrylic character standees featuring There's No Such Thing as Jason - I.T.'s Jason, Dim, Day, and View! There's no such thing as a bad deskmate; even View himself can bring interesting vibes. Plus, all purchases made will go directly to funding the print version of the comic which as been undergoing revision and big tweaking since last fall. I am quite an excited collection of protons and neutrons at the thought of Jason's surreal crisis from the virtual world right into your hands. Your support means literal galaxies, yo!

COMIC UPDATE, 25/02/2016

There's No Such Thing as Jason -- I.T. Comic Update!

Due to the gnarls of the confused and wretched coding wherein code is absorbed within the knuckles of bugs so Delphic, archiac, and... menacing, I'll be providing you respite, refuge from a lack of my comic update here. What a blessing on this Good Friday! (please click the comic to bring it to full view in another tab!)



Das news ist December

And so the mighty Phenylketonurics returns like the pleasant spirit of Santa Claus to all the boys and girls across the world (regardless of niceness or naughtiness)! And what art I shall have in store for you! I have a ton and a ton and a ton of awesome, really cool projects in store for the new year. Your mathmatical feats will be challenged by the increments of "tonnage" in store for you. So, 2016 is going to be insane, seriously. New comics, new art, new illustrations, new games (gasp!), new words! I'm a car dealer here, and it can't be stressed enough that everything's new, new new!!

The past three years have been many things and thus quite the ride. I graduated from uni a couple years ago so now I'm the proud holder of a BFA in painting from the University of Oklahoma (minor in Art History, hoho). After having been in the education system for so long, it's really weird getting reacquainted with... less academic life? That's not very good wording but I can't help but feel especially brain-frumpy this time of year when other students are cramming, pulling all-nighters on term and research papers, sleeping in the library, spending their fourth day straight slaving in the studios. It's refreshing but it's also missed. I miss the adrenaline and gut-churn of finals week!

That said, I've been on a roller coaster of creative vibes. Now I've returned to the throes of storytelling and it is a most welcome development. I'll be working on a new channel for the website concerning the development, too! A lot of what I've been doing is fueled by the interchanges I have with others but recently, my glamourous, reclusive lifestyle is a difficult pivot to adjust. These knobs won't turn any more and the pipes are making weird sounds! And if I have to patch up that unlucky elbow one more bloody time...

Alas(!), everyone should keep an eye out in the coming month for a super rad, super big update in the channels section! There will be a brand new channel with NEVER BEFORE SEEN ANYWHERE ONLINE illustrations and sketches, it is exceedingly exciting. Can you not feel it over the lively fingers of the internet? It is inescapable, your anxiety matches your socks and they are about to be blown into oblivion. PREPARE YOURSELF. And your laundry. Respect~!

Hittin' the books, 30/03

And learning!

Massively busy year so far but it's been a blast and a half. And it's gone by in a blast, too. Spring semester's almost over, I've been advised for the fall, and the horror that is Japanese film review is coming to a cascading close (seriously, who would've guessed the most difficult class I'd have would be Japanese film?). I'm overjoyed nonetheless particularly because of the brilliant, cutting SLEEK I've been able to acheive in my studio courses. WELL. Brilliant, cutting sleek as far as I'm concerned. My technical skills are foreign, sentient ghosts of their own sometimes.

Zine Cover

First we have my very first Zine! "Hi5 the Video Games" featuring those Hi5 freaks reviewing, discussing, and otherwise favouriting video games. Quite successful save for the run I printed for the class. Afterwards, I worked out the kinks and made everything mondo clean and pretty. Just a run of 20 editions so if you have one, WOW. I must know exactly who you are.

Then we have another "very first" `o mine -- an accordion book. A nested accordion book at that. Just check this link, yo. I did a simple panoramic illustration with my characters from For Something Unwelcome. It could have come out a little tighter, a bit cleaner but I'm definitely not done with accordion books yet. I'm going to be working on a set of them for each of my stories. I like how when I call them "my stories", it almost sounds like I'm talking about a daytime soap opera. I like that.

And finally, I have a few little things going on involving even more books. But they're literally books so it's no fun to talk about until I've stylised them. Gotta doll these sweet ladies up before I unleash them on the world (aka my website here). I'm also learning how to felt knit on my own! Which is 100% affected by the lovely deme*tyoubi I met on Pixiv. Check out her website right here, I might as well plug my goldfish muse. PLUGGIN'!

Let's talk about school, 14/11

Oh baby

I think I can finally classify myself as one of those over-educated morons stuck in a vicious cycle of what is The School System. I'll be working on my capstone in the spring which is both thrilling and threatening but good nonetheless. Lots of painting shall be had so I should brace my space and tell everyone else to gird their bookmarks. It will be magnificent in the most mindblowingly painty way.

I've also made little to no progress on "MY ME" tab here . Well, technically I have, I mean, I've been developing inner dialogue concerning what in the world I'm supposed to be about. But no one else is allowed in on that yet because the world of a Phen is a vicious, judgemental one. Well guarded, too! So no peekin' or sneakin'. Working on a large daruma (like my tiny Wario one!) this week BY THE WAY. My dad's magic, almost wizard-like powers of bending wire into a rounded shape have brought me within days of my goal. Get ready for some serious wish-granting entities.

Shooting Safari, 07/26

The onmouseover tribulations

ChiglowSo apparently I'm a genius. But for some weird reason, I only just now realise it. I've solved the weird Safari 5.0 issue with my usual ramshackle ways so... browse about, ya hoosiers using Safari! Enjoy. And for everyone else, you can now click the images in my galleries to view in actual size. Gasp, right? Functionality for all, it's totes mygukek motto, yo.

Still working on the random images for the logo banner on the top ofeach of the main pages. They're lookin' bloody sick so far, though. Evidence STILL of my strange and dusty genius. I ended up making about 25 so that'll be really fun to play with in your browser. Refresh, refresh, refresh, and find your favourite! It'll be an awesome sport. Hah anyway, peep the guys I've got sampled here, let me know what you think!



Absolutely rad, yeah? I'll probably slap some drop shadows on all of them, make `em pop a bit from the checkered banner. But man, to find the little bits I had to dig into sketchbooks I haven't seen in years. Some of the rejected illustrations and sketches I have piled up are just massive. Wait, I should finish -- massively ridiculous. I think my lenses are warped or something because a lot of my drawings pull to one side. Like it seriously looks like someone pinched the drawing by its upper left-hand corner and pulled it up at a 45-degree angle. What. The butts. I need glasses? Or bionic eyeballs?!

I've got mail, 07/21

Now containing limited-edition PHP

FACT: The heat dome currently arresting the south-central US is causing more Americans to consume phenylalanine. And it's done wonderfully insane things to my being, including sudden stylistic fascinations. Plus, I think it's boosted my brain cells' output capacity because I've at last figured out how to make my mailing system work smoothly. Go on, give it a shot. You know you wanna e-mail me beautiful, tasty text.

Art-wise, I've been enamoured with Japanese woodblock prints. Mainly lifting inspiraton from the gorgeous work of Makita Haruka (koito-san in my sidelinks!), I'm especially interested in the visual aesthetics of the Heian era. Seriously turbo-nerd stuff, but I'm having a blast with this style experiment. I've read The Pillow Book like twelve times. And it keeps gettin' funnier, every single time I read it! Hah, but really, I've been inking up a storm. Not a clue as to how I should approach it colour-wise, but I'm toying about with watercolours.


To make up for my absent-mindedness regarding colour in the Japanese woodblock style I've been discovering some really gnarly effects in Photoshop to go along with super sketchy-mess linework. I don't want to be one of those art-noobs who are all like, "DOI, DON'T USE BLUR OR DODGE TOOL, NUURFF" but for real, yo. I'm learning that those things are like the stinking hideous clubfoot in digital paintings. Texture through actual strokes is where it's at. MMM!

Me gusta trabajo, 07/08

Especially with potassium sorbate

I've been working on filling up a channel with one of my lesser stories, Me Gusta. It's a meshing of sci-fi and school with a huge interstellar rescue mission driving the tale along. The young lady at right is the main character there, her name being La Tosé. It's actually something I've just sort of played with in the background of other projects but it's beginning to take shape in cruel and amazing ways (just like things normally do!). Stylistically I'm hoping it runs a lot more "bendy" than my usual stuff but narratively, OH MANG. Definitely my typical two-person runners, with one character's silly goofiness playing off the other's sterile sobreity. But this time they're aliens. And only one of them knows it.

The alien/science-fiction genre is strange territory for me because I'm so not brained in things of sci-fi but it's immensely intereting nonetheless. I think that's why I'm a Star Trek fan and not a Star Wars fan. The technology in Star Trek doesn't need to make sense on too many levels in order for you to be convinced by it. A regeneration planet? Oh-kay boss, sounds good to me! And yes. A planet can be technology. It sure can.

Also wrapping up the writing and bio for my me page! I know there's just so much everyone wants to know about Phenylketonurics, ohoho. The main questions I've been receiving from you guys so far can be anwsered with this question: Where is your money and why is it still in your pockets? I guarantee a safe delivery to the regeneration planet for cloning (the regeneration planet can totally clone, yo, it's high-tech like that) and return your original, non-clone money to you. It won't crash your life or anything, this isn't Pokémon. This is hardcore, for-real Star Trek business.

Channel surfing, 07/03

No universal remote needed

I made lots of buttons for lots of channels and all is right with the world. For NOW. I'm still not exactly sure as to how I'll upload with new content for the galleries. I mean, I plan on putting up new works as they're finished. It'll be predominantly illustrative pieces, pin-up style stuff, y'know? My paintings and anatomy/life studies will have a channel of their own a little later. I still need to photograph the lot in proper since all of it is in storage right now. I do not look forward to digging that work out either.

So expect a bit of strangely new and wonderful things in the coming week! I'm going to buckle down and churn out a slew of new illustrations, with tingly focus on the For Something Unwelcome and Pseudo Dragon channels. I have a few things in reserve on my harddrive but I want to toss them in Photoshop for a little spin dry before putting them up. I also have a bloody truckload of Hi5 comics but no avenue of upload unless you don't mind not being able to read them. Need to work out some sort of comics channel then... yes, THEN we'll be in business.

For Something Unwelcome Update, 06/29

Unwelcome somethings...

Aha! Drop that mouse on the 'My Gallery' tab right. Now. I've finally made the not-so-amazing For Something Unwelcome gallery button! It was like alien blackmagic trying to get the mouseover JavaScript to actually work. I likes it! I plan on making buttons just like that for the other galleries' channels. It'll be bloody slick, yo. So jig on over to My Gallery like now and browse through what I have. It's exciting to me and by GOD all of that work better be exciting to you.

U-Haul, 06/21

Thinking of a haul of types...

Wow. Days and days of tweaking and twonging and jostling around with .php script has made only ONE thing come to fruition: No php mailer for me! At least not yet. So you'll be stuck having to select an email service after filling out the form on my contact page. Bummer to the max, yeah? On the plus side, I'm thinking of doing a serious over-haul now that I've found a really gnarly template. Might change things hardcore in the next couple of days... we shall all SEE.

Speaking of see, more things for you to see! Yes, the whole lot of you who are somehow able to actually navigate this horrendously unfinished website! Whatcha think, eh? Eeeh?? My tribue to the amazing 19th century artist Aoki Mokubei. Finished this digital take on his tradtional ink style in late December '09 for an art history class. Wasn't this piece that I actually submitted, but I find it rad. Especially now that I look back on it and remember making like fifty layers for the bloody thing.

Newb news? 06/15

Welcome to das news!

Yo internauts. Since I'm still trying to figure everything out about the layout of my site, all of the pages are under extreme maintenance [including the very page of which text you are reading now!]. I'm hoping that even THIS is working actually. It's fun and taxing all in one bloody mess.

I'll be working on 'My Me' and 'Contact My Me' pages in the next couple of days. If all goes well, I'll be working on them tonight and tomorrow. Whichever comes first, y'know.

And for fun since this will be an art-ish site, check out dis image-o-mine! Created a couple of weeks ago, it's a fleshed-out serigraphy project I did for the graduating class of my college. The actual editions looked NOTHING like this but it was fun to muck about in Photoshop with the negative sections! I'll post up an example of the actual, finished print soon. Just for you~

What is going on here? 06/11

What am I looking at... ?

So confused about what to do with all of this! I imagine this page isn't even accessible yet due to my amazingly profound anti-knowledge of HTML. My CSS sluething has proved pretty rad but... HTML is another thing entirely.